Frequently Asked Questions

Paycheck Questions

View the current payroll calendar.  The pay periods and corresponding pay dates are listed.

Typically you can view your pay check stub on the Monday before a pay date. Log into HR/Pay and select the Payroll Dashboard tile, then the Paychecks tile.

New Employees

If you are a new employee, find the pay period that your start date falls within and locate the corresponding pay date. If you did not start at the beginning of a new pay period, your paycheck will be a partial check for the hours that you worked.  If you are in a salaried position, your pay will be prorated based on your start date within the pay period.

Common reasons pay is delayed:

  1. Time worked or leave time was not entered on the timesheet.
  2. Time was not approved by the supervisor on the timesheet.
  3. Direct deposit was not updated in a timely manner to be in effect for the next paycheck.
  4. Your appointment was not entered into the Human Resources system.
  5. We have not processed paychecks for the first pay period you began work.

View the pay calendars to determine the date of your paycheck with the corresponding pay period.

Contact the Payroll Office if you did not receive your paycheck.

1. Log into your HR Pay account.

2. Click the Payroll Dashboard tile.

Screenshot of KU Payroll Dashboard Tile in HR Pay

3. Click the Paychecks tile.

Screenshot of Paychecks Tile in HR Pay

4. Click on the paycheck row for the paystub you wish to view.

  • Paystubs open in a pop-up window.
  • Current paystubs are typically available the Monday before payday.
  • You can filter the results within a date range by clicking on the funnel on the top left of the list.
  • You can sort the order of paychecks by clicking on the up and down arrows on the top right of the list and selecting the order choice.

Screenshot of paycheck list in HR Pay


If you are viewing your paystub to find your State of Kansas Employee ID:

The box with your employee information is next to the box with your name and address. Your KU Employee ID is listed first. Your State of Kansas ID is listed as SOKS ID and begins with a letter.

Picture of the employee ID information on a paystub.


Inactive Employees:

Per the HR Pay Office, inactive employees will retain access in HR Pay for paychecks and personal data for up to 400 days past their separation date. This will allow access to paystubs or to update an address.

If you need assistance with accessing your HR Pay account, please call the IT Help Desk at 785-864-8080.

A wage garnishment is any legal procedure through which the earnings of any individual are required to be withheld for payment of any debt.  The State of Kanas is the official office of record for garnishments of KU employees.  Garnishments come from different sources for different types of debt, such as bankruptcy or child support.

Garnishments are often ordered by the Kansas Department of Administration Setoff Program.  The Kansas Setoff Program will apply State of Kansas payments or Kansas Income Tax refunds to debts owed to Kansas state agencies, Kansas district courts, Kansas municipalities (cities, counties, unified school districts, townships, fire districts, municipal courts, city or county hospitals, etc.), and/or State of Missouri Income Tax debts.  You can visit the Kansas Setoff Program Debtor Web Inquiry website for more specific garnishment information.

If you are unsure of the garnishing agency, you can also contact the Payroll Office.

There are multiple situations that can cause your benefits to be double deducted from your paycheck. Please contact the Staff Benefits office at 785-864-7402 to confirm your situation.

The KU Medical Center (KUMC) has multiple employers within the center.

KUMC State of Kansas / University employees can call 913-588-5100 or email

Health System / Hospital employees can call 913-945-5388 or email

KUPI employees can call 913-588-2613.

If you are not sure who to contact, you can call the general KUMC number at 913-588-5000.

Academic year faculty have the option of establishing direct deposit to multiple accounts as a tool to help allocate salary for the months in which they aren’t paid. This is the responsibility of each individual employee to analyze their individual budget and determine what direct deposit allocation works best for them. An example of this would be 25% into a savings account for the summer, and 75% into a checking account for current spending. The payroll office can answer questions related to completing direct deposit, but we do not offer financial advising. Employees may work with their banking institution and financial advisors for individual unique circumstances.

KU Endowment Loan

In the event that an employee would miss their regularly scheduled pay check due to an administrative error out of their control, the KU Endowment Association will grant a payroll loan. The loan will not exceed 60% of the gross wages due to the employee for that specific pay check. The Payroll office is the only authorized department at the University who may initiate and sign for a payroll endowment loan. Loans will not be granted in cases where the employee themselves caused the delay due to untimely submission of documents, such as late timesheets.

Based on an agreement with KU Endowment and Financial Services, payroll loans will not be granted unless the employee is not receiving their pay because of an administrator error out of their control. Reporting your time late does not constitute approval for a loan.

The department must provide to Payroll, at the time of the loan request, documentation that the time and leave, for which the loan is being requested, has been entered and approved within the HR Pay system. The payroll office will not approve and process the loan documents unless this information is provided by the departmental personnel.

Payroll and KU Endowment will not authorize any loans when the payment of wages is within five days of the request. If an emergency would arise Payroll would consult with KU Endowment as an exception to the policy.

Direct Deposit Questions

You can update your direct deposit online or by appointment with the Payroll Office. See the Direct Deposit page for further instructions.

NOTE: It is dependent upon the payroll cycle if your next paycheck will be deposited to the updated account. It is recommended to keep access to a previous account until you know if your next check will deposit to your new account. You may contact the Payroll Office by email, phone, or in-person to confirm.

An employee's direct deposit remains in effect as long as the employee holds an active position. A direct deposit account is inactivated in the Payroll system after six months of leaving employment.

The State of Kansas has partnered with US Bank to offer a payroll paycard service for employees who do not have a bank account. Paychecks are automatically deposited to the paycard, which is used as a debit card. For more information on obtaining this paycard please contact Human Resources Appointment Staff at 785-864-5994.

Immediately contact the bank where your funds are being deposited to see what options are available to you and update your direct deposit.

Tax Questions

There are different types of taxes deducted on your paycheck: FICA Tax, Federal Income Withholding Tax, State Income Withholding Tax.

FICA Taxes

The Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) is the federal law that requires three separate taxes withheld from the employee's wages.

  • 6.2% Social Security/OASDI Tax
  • 1.45% Medicare Tax
  • 0.9% Medicare Additional tax when the employee earns over a certain threshold.

Federal and State Income Withholding Tax

Employees are subject to federal income withholding tax and state income withholding tax. Each tax is withheld separately and based on income and the status given on the employee's W-4 and K-4. You can find the further calculation information on our Federal Income Tax page and State of Kansas Income Tax page.

Federal Withholdings

1. Log into your HR Pay account

  a. Click the KU Payroll Dashboard button.

  b. Click the W4 Tax Withholding button.

Screenshot of W4 Tax Withholding Class Tile


2. Complete a W-4 form and submit it to the Payroll Office.

*You only need to complete one of the above to update your federal withholdings.


State Withholding

1. Complete a K-4 form and submit it to the Payroll Office.

There is no online access to update state withholdings at this time.

The 2020 W-4 reflects changes resulting from the implementation of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2018.  The new form uses the employee's income tax filing status, dependents, and other adjustments to determine the federal withholding liability.

FICA (Social Security and Medicare)

  1. You worked more than 30 hours in one or both weeks of the pay period.
    • This is a combined total of all positions.
    • The hours worked in each week do not effect a week working over 30 hours.
      • Example: You worked 35 hours in week 1 and 20 hours in week 2. You will be charged FICA since you worked over 30 hours in one of the weeks.

  2. You were not enrolled in the minimum number of credit hours for FICA exemption.
    • Typically this is half-time enrollment.
    • The maximum hours rule still applies over breaks.

You can find more information on the Student Exception to FICA Tax on the IRS website.

Withholding Tax

Every employee is subject to withholding tax based on the W-4 (federal) and K-4 (state) forms you submitted. These can be updated at any time.

You can change your tax withholdings for one paycheck. You will need to submit a W-4 and/or K-4 with the paycheck date for the new tax withholding status and another set of forms with the paycheck date to change your tax withholding status back. It is best to contact our office to ensure your forms are submitted in time for the paycheck calculation.

Miscellaneous Questions

The KU Medical Center (KUMC) has multiple employers within the center.

KUMC State of Kansas / University employees can call 913-588-5100 or email

Health System / Hospital employees can call 913-945-5388 or email

KUPI employees can call 913-588-2613.

If you are not sure who to contact, you can call the general KUMC number at 913-588-5000.

The University of Kansas uses The Work Number to provide automated verifications. View instructions on using The Work Number.

  1. Log into your HR Pay account.
  2. Click the Personal Details tile.
  3. Click the Addresses tile.
  4. Click on the current address box to update it.

NOTE: The State of Kansas uses your mailing address on file with Human Resources for mailings, such as W-2s or paychecks so please ensure it is kept current. If no mailing address is on file, your home address is used.

If you are unable to update your address through HR Pay, please contact the Human Resources Appointment Staff at 785-864-5994.

*Address updates in Enroll & Pay do not update your address with Human Resources.

Documents can be submitted to Payroll through:

  • Secure email to
  • Dropbox
  • Fax to 785-864-0369
  • Postal mail to:
    • KU Payroll
    • Carruth O'Leary
    • 1246 West Campus Rd, Room 236
    • Lawrence, KS 66045
  • By appointment

Secure Email

Encryption: KU departments, faculty, staff, and graduate research or teaching assistants are eligible. Visit the KU IT email encryption page for further assistance or contact KU IT Customer Service Center at 785-864-8080 or by email at

File Share from OneDrive: Both KU contacts and external contacts can securely share files through OneDrive for Business or Sharepoint Team Sites by granting permissions within OneDrive.

KU students, faculty, staff, and departments are eligible for a free download of Office 365 for home use through KU, which includes OneDrive for Business.


If you simply need to give us documents, you may use the Student Accounts and Payroll dropbox. The dropbox is a depository located on the east side of Carruth O'Leary, built into the back of the building on the loading dock. The depository door needs to be pulled down until you see a space open. Drop the envelope in the space, and push the door up all the way to close.

  • All documents must be labeled Payroll.
  • It is best that documents are in an envelope, otherwise please staple, clip, or fold so they stay together in the dropbox.
  • No more than 10 pages should be deposited to avoid obstructing the dropbox opening and chute.

Arrearage Payments placed in the dropbox:

If you are leaving an arrearage payment, it must be a check or money order. Your payment should be in an envelope marked for Payroll and include the employee's legal name and the purpose of the payment (such as arrearage payment), otherwise, your payment credit could be delayed. Cash is not accepted. Credit card payments can be made online through the KU Payroll Receivable portal.

Office Hours by Appointment Only

KU Payroll are available for in-person appointments during office hours. Walk-in appointments are not allowed at this time. See our Appointments page for more information.

9:00am - 3:00pm, Mon - Fri

Please contact us by phone at 785-864-4385 or by email at to schedule an appointment.