Direct Deposit

The State of Kansas requires that all employees be paid through direct deposit. Therefore, employees are required to have an active bank account or payroll pay card in effect at all times.

Updating Your Direct Deposit Information

You can update your direct deposit information online in HR/Pay or in person at the Payroll Office.

Update Instructions

Change an Existing Account

Follow the steps below to update your direct deposit information in HR/Pay. You must know the account number(s) for your current direct deposit accounts.

  1. Log in to your HR/Pay account.
  2. Select the KU Payroll Dashboard tile.
  3. Select the Direct Deposit Classic tile.
  4. Choose an account to update and select the pencil icon on the appropriate line in the Edit column.

NOTE:If you click the Remove button, you will be locked out of your direct deposit self-service for 24 hours. This could also cause a delay in pay.

  • Instead, use the edit feature to change the information.
  • You can remove accounts if needed at the end.
To Change the Routing Number
  • Backspace the existing routing number and enter the new one.
To Change Account Number
  1. Select the Change Account Number box
  2. Enter the existing account number on file in the Current Account Number space.
  3. Enter the account number you are changing to in the New Account Number space.
  4. Enter the new account number again in the Re-enter Account Nbr space to confirm.

Add a New Account

  1. Select the Add Account button to add an additional account so your deposit will be split between accounts.
  2. Enter an account number currently on file in the Account Number space. (If you do not have a current account on file, enter the most recent account number.)
  3. Select the Continue button.
  4. Enter bank routing number in Routing Number space.
  5. Enter your account number in the Account Number space.
  6. Enter the account number again in the Re-enter Account Nbr space to confirm.
  7. Choose account type from the Account Type dropdown menu.
  8. Choose how you would like your paycheck deposited from the Deposit Type dropdown menu.
    • If you only have one account, choose "Balance."
    • Choose "Amount" or "Percent" if you want to divide your paycheck between multiple accounts.
    • If you have multiple accounts, one of your accounts should always have the Deposit Type as "Balance."
    • "Balance" means the whole balance or the remaining balance (if you have more than one account) of your check will go to that account.
  9. Enter the order for deposits to be made in the Deposit Order space.
    • Any account with the "Balance" deposit type should have the deposit order of 999.
    • An account with a percentage or amount deposit type should be 1.
    • If you have more than two accounts, start the order with 1, 2, etc., with the balance account always being 999.
  10. Select the Submit button.

NOTE for Updated Accounts: It is dependent upon the payroll cycle if your next paycheck will be deposited to the updated account. It is recommended to keep access to a previous account until you know if your next check will deposit to your new account. You can contact the Payroll Office to confirm this or request other assistance.

Make an appointment with the Payroll Office . We will provide the Direct Deposit form and/or assist you in making the update online during your appointment.

For security reasons, you must:

  • Appear in-person
  • Bring government-issued photo identification (e.g., KU Card, driver's license, passport)
  • Provide bank documentation showing your routing number and account number (e.g., a voided check)

We can no longer accept forms submitted to other campus offices, by U.S. mail, campus mail, or fax.

Payroll Paycard

The State of Kansas has partnered with US Bank to offer a payroll paycard service for employees who do not have a bank account. Paychecks are automatically deposited to the paycard, which is used as a debit card. Employees should contact Human Resource Management at 785-864-4946 to sign up.

Distributing Pay for Academic Year Employees

Academic year faculty have the option of establishing direct deposit to multiple accounts as a tool to help allocate salary for the months in which they aren’t paid. This is the responsibility of each individual employee to analyze their individual budget and determine what direct deposit allocation works best for them.

An example of this would be 25% into a savings account for the summer, and 75% into a checking account for current spending. The Payroll Office can answer questions related to completing direct deposits, but we do not offer financial advising. Employees should work with their banking institution and financial advisors for individual unique circumstances.

Academic Year Payroll Calculator

Human Resources has provided payroll calculators for academic year faculty and graduate teaching assistants to assist with payroll planning. These reference tools are estimated amounts only.

Academic Year Payroll Calculators can be found on the HR website.

Have Questions?

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