Retroactive Funding Adjustment

An RFA is a process to correct the payroll funding source for one or more pay periods for a specific position. Essentially, the Payroll Office forces the HR/Pay system to completely reverse each paycheck for the employee for every pay period involved. The new funding is then applied to all of the salary and fringe.‚Äč

View the Retroactive Funding Adjustment Policy on the KU Policy Library site.


RFA "one" Form

The new "one" RFA form is now available!  Beginning June 1st, all RFAs must be submitted using the new form.  RFAs using the previous form will be routed to the Not Processed queue.

The RFA Form User Guide and other training resources are located on our KU Payroll Resources SharePoint site.


Fiscal Year End Deadlines

May 31st - RFAs must be received in the Payroll queue by May 31st for the 2024 fiscal year end deadline.

June 1st - All new RFAs must be submitted using the new "one" RFA Form.  



RFA training is available through KU's MyTalent system.  

RFA training materials are also available in the KU Payroll Resources Sharepoint site.

  • RFA Form User Guide
  • Payroll At A Glance RFA Report User Guide
  • Payroll Basics Terms
  • Non Pool and Pool Gross/Fringe Examples

Quick Reference Examples

Gross and Fringe Examples (via SharePoint)

The examples are broken into 3 sections:

  • The top section shows the gross & fringe (HR Pay accounting line/OAC RFA report) as it should appear when submitted.
  • The middle section contains notes and color-coded descriptions.
  • The bottom section reflects information that is needed to submit the actual PAF/ePAF. It is preferred this information is provided on a separate tab or spreadsheet from the gross & fringe.


Funding Verification

It is each department's responsibility to print and audit names, amounts and funding information on the report of gross and fringes charged once the HRIS-L message is distributed.

Before charges post:
You may verify appointment, position, and funding information by printing the Funding Summary Report. Changes to appointments, position, or funding must be processed by submitting a payroll form through normal budgetary channels.

After charges post:
A department is responsible for verification of the Payroll Gross and Fringe Report and the department financial reports immediately upon notification on HRIS-L.  OAC/PAAG gross and fringe should be run to verify funding posted correctly. Any retroactive changes should be submitted via Retroactive Funding Adjustment procedures. Current and future funding changes should follow normal procedures.


Questions and Support

For general questions or if you need assistance with a specific RFA, contact a Payroll RFA specialist at 785-864-4385 or