2016 Calendar Year

Academic Year
Calendar YearPay PeriodBegin Earnings DateEnd Earnings DatePaydateCommentsSemester of Enrollment Verification for OASDI - Student Employees Only
CY15112/20/20151/2/20161/15/2016First pay period to use 2015 Discretionary DayFall Semester 2015
CY1621/3/20161/16/20161/29/2016 Spring Semester 2016
CY1631/17/20161/30/20162/12/2016 Spring Semester 2016
CY1641/31/20162/13/20162/26/2016 Spring Semester 2016
CY1652/14/20162/27/20163/11/2016 Spring Semester 2016
CY1662/28/20163/12/20163/25/2016 Spring Semester 2016
CY1673/13/20163/26/20164/8/2016 Spring Semester 2016
CY1683/27/20164/9/20164/22/2016 Spring Semester 2016
CY1694/10/20164/23/20165/6/2016 Spring Semester 2016
CY16104/24/20165/7/20165/20/2016 Spring Semester 2016
CY16115/8/20165/21/20166/3/2016GTA and Faculty last day of work for the Academic Year is 5/15/16Spring Semester 2016
CY16125/22/20166/4/20166/17/2016 Summer Semester 2016
CY16136/5/20166/18/20167/1/2016 Summer Semester 2016
CY16146/19/20167/2/20167/15/2016 Summer Semester 2016
CY16157/3/20167/16/20167/29/2016Third paycheck of the monthSummer Semester 2016
CY16167/17/20167/30/20168/12/2016 Summer Semester 2016
CY16177/31/20168/13/20168/26/2016 Summer Semester 2016
CY16188/14/20168/27/20169/9/2016GTA and Faculty first day of work for the Academic Year is 8/18/16Fall Semester 2016
CY16198/28/20169/10/20169/23/2016 Fall Semester 2016
CY16209/11/20169/24/201610/7/2016 Fall Semester 2016
CY16219/25/201610/8/201610/21/2016 Fall Semester 2016
CY162210/9/201610/22/201611/4/2016 Fall Semester 2016
CY162310/23/201611/5/201611/18/2016 Fall Semester 2016
CY162411/6/201611/19/201612/2/2016 Fall Semester 2016
CY162511/20/201612/3/201612/16/2016 Fall Semester 2016
CY162612/4/201612/17/201612/30/2016The Last Pay Period to use Discretionary Day for 2016 is PPE 12/31/2016 Third paycheck of the monthFall Semester 2016