Kansas Income Withholding Tax and the K-4 Form

Kansas income withholding tax is the money that is required to be withheld from wages and other taxable payments to help prepay the Kansas income tax of the recipient. The University of Kansas, as an employer, pays no part of this tax but is responsible for deducting it from wages or taxable payments made to an employee.

The KW-100 Kansas Withholding Tax Guide provides more information, including how withholding is calculated.


K-4 Form

Similar to the W-4 form for federal withholding, employees must complete a K-4 form for state withholding. The state K-4 cannot be completed online. It must be printed and submitted to the KU Payroll Office. More information on Kansas withholding and a copy of the K-4 form is available on the Kansas Department of Revenue website.

Note: If you are performing services for KU outside of Kansas, please contact the Payroll Office.