Department Information



  • Refers to normal biweekly payroll process
  • DEMIS vouchers V7002XXX


  • Refers to supplemental or adjustment payroll cycles
  • DEMIS vouchers V7003XXX

Pay Groups

Found in Job Data. Indicates if the employee is exempt, hourly, 10 day, or 14 day.

  • Hourly & 10 day schedules - CUN, STN
  • Exempt & 10 day schedules - CUX, LTX, SRX
  • Exempt & 14 day schedules - LCT, LFC, STX

Additional Pay Types

  • Cell Phone Stipend — Paid through on-cycle
  • Cash Award — Paid through supplemental off-cycle
  • Overload — Paid through supplemental off-cycle
  • Travel/Moving/Other Fringe Benefit — Paid through supplemental off-cycle

Additional Topics

A fringe benefit is a form of pay, above the stated salary, for the performance of a service. Some fringe benefits, such as social security and health insurance are required by law, while others are voluntarily provided by KU or The State of Kansas.

It is each department's responsibility to print and audit names, amounts and funding information on the report of gross and fringes charged once the HRIS-L message is distributed.

Before charges post:
You may verify appointment, position, and funding information by printing the Funding Summary Report. Changes to appointments, position, or funding must be processed by submitting a payroll form through normal budgetary channels.

After charges post:
A department is responsible for verification of the Payroll Gross and Fringe Report and the department financial reports immediately upon notification on HRIS-L.   OAC/PAAG gross and fringe should be run to verify funding posted correctly.  Any retroactive changes should be submitted via Retroactive Funding Adjustment procedures.  Current and future funding changes should follow normal procedures.


The Kansas State Treasurer's Office may cancel checks not redeemed within one year of issuance and are then considered unclaimed property.

A payee may still request payment for which a canceled check was originally issued by contacting the Kansas State Treasurer Unclaimed Property Division.